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Specialists working for UAB Litgenas will provide you with consultations, together we will review the general analysis of the farm, help you choose the right bulls, according to the latest global assessments. We also sell boar semen and insemination equipment and various goods. The inseminators working for UAB Litgenas will provide you with insemination services. We also work with inseminators all over Lithuania, whose contacts can be found in the CONTACTS section. Given the innovations in the world, we can offer to purchase a Cowmanager herd management program, perform various calculations, pairings and make the best decisions to increase the economic efficiency of your farm.
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Services provided

Lithuanian-German UAB Litgenas is the most advanced breeding company in Lithuania. Our partners are the most advanced breeding companies in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, France and other countries, as well as providing products to this sector. Therefore, we can offer you the highest quality products and services. Our experience is the formula for the success of your farm!